How Much Can I Remodel With $50,000?

How Much Can I Remodel With $50,000?

Also spruce up your kitchen island with new countertops and add shelves on the sides. And new stools. Liven up your kitchen further with new fixtures and lighting. If some appliances need to replaced, go for the stainless steel kind

Bathroom and powder room.

Upgrading the bathroom and powder room may entail getting fresh paint for the wall and ceiling. Retiling will also give the rooms a new look. If you want to replace some bathroom fixtures, then go ahead. A new sink or toilet and even the shower,  could spell the difference. Then add new vanities, mirrors and lights, to complete the make-over.


Before doing the renovation on the basement, it wouldn’t hurt to check the foundation walls and floors for any cracks first. . Do the same thing for the plumbing and wiring. Then add new furniture, including a couch, bed and TV. For a more dramatic effect, you can redesign the staircase to make it both attractive and safe. Dress up the walls, ceiling and flooring. Throw in new lighting as well. Start to declutter to maximize storage space. Remember the series Stranger Things on Netflix? The kids spent most of their time in the basement where they mapped out plans on how to save the world.

What a $50,000 renovation looks like.

Choose elegant looking, but inexpensive fixtures, materials, lighting and furniture. Add plants and wall decors to further brighten up the three renovated areas of your home. Keep in mind that in doing the remodeling work, it also adds value to your property.

How Much Can I Remodel With $50,000?

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