3 Major Benefits to Owning a Bidet Toilet Seat

3 Major Benefits to Owning a Bidet Toilet Seat

It use to be somewhat rare, but now a days a bidet toilet seat is the next biggest thing. With toilet paper being more scarce since the “pandemic”, the luxury toilet seat is now more popular than ever. Once thought of as a luxury that you wouldn’t need, now many are considering a necessity!

If you’re walking down the path of a potential bathroom remodel, consider the major benefits to owning a bidet toilet seat.

1. Improve Your Hygiene

It’s no secret that using toilet paper after you efficate may not always get the job done… leaving your rear dirty and smelly. That all goes away once you start using a bidet toilet seat.
Pro Tip: We do recommend frequently cleaning the nozzles to keep them from building up bacteria.

2. Less Issues With Your Plumbing

A standard toilet is prone to having more clogs compared to a bidet toilets.
Less toilet paper being used means you will be less likely to have to call a plumber (us) to unclog your toilet.
As much as we love coming out to save the day, we would rather not have to deal with your massive “poopy” blockage…

3. A More Comfortable Experience

If you want to treat your buns to a luxury feel, you need a bidet seat.
There are models with a built in nightlight so you don’t need to search for your toilet in the dark!
Some come with a heated seat so your buns get to stay warm all year round.
The more expensive units even produce heated air, so you can avoid even having to wipe your rear!

Call us today if you’re interested in enjoying the benefits of a bidet toilet seat. Our technician will come out for an in home consultation and get you set up with the right bidet seat for you and your family.

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